Foosball table by Warrior Table Soccer

Front view Warrior Professional Foosball table

Warrior Table Soccer is proud to announce some great changes to its current line of foosball tables. New foosball parts include adjustable leg levelers with rubberized swivel feet, new split bearings, and newly improved rod guards. Also, table top has been changed to accommodate new bearings and still features a quick and easy installation of rods with men on.
The leg levelers have rubberized feet to reduce movement on any surface. In addition, they will be on a new swivel foot design making leveling on any surface a breeze.
New split bearings will produce faster and more powerful shots. They will be simple to attach and doesn’t require a bearing wrench.
New rod guards will be more sturdy and harder for the tubes to be removed. This added level of protection for both players and spectators will remain standard on all tables.