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Warrior Table Soccer - Foosball Collectables

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Vintage “Legends of Foosball” trading cards. A complete Set of 36 foosball cards produced by US Baseball, Inc. in 1994 featuring the top foosball players in the world!

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Released in 1995, this set of historic trading cards includes 30 player cards and 6 “Specialty” cards, featuring some of the biggest stars in the world of table soccer. Hall of Famers Todd Loffredo, Terry Moore, Cindy Head, Dave Gummeson, Gregg Perrie and Steve Murray are featured in this comprehensive set of classic cards, along with stars Rob Mares, Liz (Hill) Moore, Bob Diaz and other greats of the game.

1 of 100 Uncut Player Card Sheet

Vintage “Legends of Foosball” trading cards.Uncut sheet (36 cards) produced in 1994 of the top foosball players in the world. A true collector’s item.

Price: $149.95

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There were a total of 194 uncut sheets available, I have 4 and all are numbered under 100. First Come, First Serve for the Low Numbers!

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