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Letter From The President of Warrior Table Soccer

Hi Players,

Nearly every single top professional foosball player of the last 35 years have met me personally. A majority of them know me casually, many know me very well and, I’m proud to say, dozens are good friends of mine. The latter already know most of what I am about to write in this letter.

The topic is simply this…

Why are so many top professional and longtime foosball players excited about the Warrior table?

Yes, without a doubt, the huge majority of players are already impressed with the playability of the table and we will always strive to make it even better. But that is only half the reason. The other half is the reason the new Warrior Soccer Table has been created.

The “Warrior vision” and the possibility of success!

The Warrior vision is to establish a major professional foosball tour with TV coverage that will not only pay out well over one million dollars in prize money (in approximately 10 tournaments per year to the top pros), but will also feature fun and exciting events for foosball enthusiasts who just love the sport and want to come out to see the best in the world compete.

That sounds great, but how can this be accomplished? One way it cannot be accomplished is by expecting the players themselves to cover all the costs through entry fees. You must be able to raise sponsorship money, advertising money and sell tables in order to run a successful foosball tour. It’s as simple as that!

There are a few different things that all must be accomplished to get to this level:

Grow the player base at the “grassroots level”

  • Sell tables
  • Grow the tour
  • Get media ( TV ) exposure
  • Get sponsorship money

    It all comes down to money!

  • If you grow the player base, you sell more tables.
  • If you sell more tables, the tour can grow.
  • When the tour grows, the more media coverage the sport receives.
  • The more media coverage the more sponsorship we can raise.
    These tasks are all intertwined. As you increase one the others will increase and will, in turn, increase another and so forth. Obviously, no one has a crystal ball to see into the future, so no one can say for sure they will be successful at anything. But why do so many people say that if there is anyone who can put the game of foosball on the map… IT’S WARRIOR???

    Because to do it you need to raise sponsorship money (Warrior Table Soccer had raised over 50 million dollars in investment money to acquire golf courses).

    Because you need to get media coverage (Go look at the made-for-TV 30 minute Hawaii and Las Vegas foosball tournaments videos. Or, just turn on ESPN or the Golf Channel and watch their golf commercials).

    Since you need to sell foosball tables (Warrior has sold over a quarter-billion dollars in golf clubs)

    Because you need to grow the tour (Warrior has already paid out almost a million dollars in foosball tournament prize money).

    Because you need to grow foosball at the grassroots level (This will take a lot of work. But one of the ways will be to make it financially beneficial to all tournament players is to sell Warrior Foosball Tables by simply signing up as a Warrior Affiliate. So, anyone they know interested in foosball can be given a special deal by the player and the player will earn a commission on every table they sell.)

    Again, it all comes down to money. Warrior has proven its willingness to put money and effort into growing the sport of foosball.

    The toughest part of this whole equation is an area that every sport needs its player base to help with. It’s incredibly important to the grassroots development of new players. This, as we all know, will have a major impact on how fast we can grow. So please allow us to thank you in advance for all the help and support you give us in introducing players to Warrior Foosball!

    We have released fliers for our first two events of the 2019 Warrior Foosball Tour in Palm Springs, California, and Tennessee. Dallas is towards the latter part of the year. We will also have news about the Warrior Affiliate Program and other upcoming developments available shortly.

    Thanks again for all your help and support!

    Brendan Flaherty


    Warrior Table Soccer

    Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise; risking more than others think is safe. Dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.”

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