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Amazon Foosball Table Review

Official Foosball Table Of The Warrior Pro Foosball Tour

Warrior Pro Foosball Table is officially recognized by the ITSF & USTSF

The Warrior Pro Foosball Table is the official foosball table on the Warrior Pro Foosball Tour. It’s quality and design makes it a definite winner with the top tour pro’s. And it has been recognized by both the International (ITSF) and the United States Table Soccer Federations (USTSF). These foosball organizations are respected throughout the entire foosball world and have given Warrior Table Soccer their stamp of approval. It’s no wonder that the Warrior foosball table is fast becoming the official foosball table for players worldwide.

Solid foosball table cabinet design makes Warrior an outstanding value

Warrior Table Soccer produces an official foosball table with a uniquely designed cabinet that can be assembled in about 25 minutes. This newly designed foosball table cabinet weighs in at just over 200 pounds. Consequently, this makes it very versatile and easy to move around at home or for the professional tournament set up crew. However, it’s cabinet design is so sturdy that the table feels like a small military tank weighing closer to 400 pounds or more. In addition, this allows top professional foosball players the consistency in ball movement without any jarring of the cabinet on this official foosball table.

The Warrior foosball table uses the highest quality, state of the art components

Warrior Table Soccer uses only the highest quality components with state of the art designs on their official foosball table. Their foosball bumpers, men, handles, bearings, rods and yellow foosballs are made through an injection molding process. As a result, it produces a consistent foosball part each and every time. Most importantly, all these components are original and are designed specifically for the Warrior Pro Foosball Table.

With all this new technology in a foosball table its no wonder the Warrior Pro Foosball Table is an official pro foosball table. Most importantly, all level of players love playing on the Warrior Foosball Table.

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