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Warrior Table Soccer

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Safest Foosball Table
  • Recognized by ITSF & USTSF
  • Durable Pro Style Design
  • Counter-Balanced Foosball Men
  • New Enclosed Pro Ball Return
  • Door Step Delivery
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Why Warrior?

Get The Best Foosball Table for Sale

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Fast & Easy Assembly

Warrior Foosball Tables allows for quick and easy assembly with one simple tool in approximately 25 minutes. In addition, our table design allows for the installation of assembled men on rods. Simply place through the opening and attach bearings. Furthermore, our tables are delivered to your front doorstep.

Safest foosball Table

Safest Playing Table

Pro players love our table for its play characteristic, parents demand it for the safety. Our Protective Rod Guard System will help distracted players from being struck by a fast moving rod. Also, curious young children will be protected when coming too close to view the action. In addition, they will not affect the play of the rods and adds a level of additional safety.

Official Tournament Foosball Table

Play Like a Pro

Our foosball table weighs over 200 lbs making it ideal for players of all ages and level of experience. Furthermore our table features counter-balanced men, integrated leg levelers, and an enclosed arcade style ball return. And our staff of pro foosball players are here to answer any of our questions or assist you with your game. Finally, our table was recognized by the ISTF & USTSF player organizations.

About Our Other Foosball Tables

LED foosball table

LED Foosball Tables

Perfect for parties, rec rooms, showrooms, or company events. This table comes with variable LED’s around the playing surface giving its own unique style. This is the same model that Warrior has been using for almost 100 tournaments all across the country. Also available in multi-player models that are great for event planners or party rental companies.

Black Light Foosball Table

Black Light Foosball Table

Bringing Foosball into the 21st Century. Warrior is proud to present its BlackLight Foosball Table. Perfect for parties, rec rooms, showrooms, or company events. This New Warrior table is the official Pro table in every aspect…but when you turn on the Black Light and use the special black light ball… it’s like the 4th of July, Mardi Gras, and Foosball all put together.

Yahoo Custom Foosball Table

Custom Foosball Table

While other manufacturers don’t offer any customization options for their foosball tables, Warrior Table Soccer offers many different options. In addition, if you are looking for handcrafted foosball tables Warrior Table Soccer can build them. Most importantly, when looking for the next corporate foosball table or your own personalized table soccer table, we can do it all.

We Do More then just Foosball Tables

foosball accessories

Foosball Accessories

Our foosball balls are made using a special centerless grinding process that guarantees optimal performance. These balls will perform professionally on any quality table! In addition, Warrior Foosball wraps will enhance the quality of play and allow for increased control of any foosball handle. Durable and absorbent these will help wick moisture away and keep your hands dry.

foosball merchandise

Foosball Merchandise

Warrior Table Soccer offers a complete line of foosball merchandise and clothing. Choose from our from our line of professional polo shirts, tee-shirts, hats, jackets and more!

foosball parts

Foosball Table Parts

In the uncommon event that you need to replace a foosball man, rod, handle or other foosball parts we can ship you out the foosball replacement part that you need to get your Warrior Table Soccer game up and running again. We even have some parts that fit the Legend and Tornado foosball tables.


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