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Amazon Foosball Table Review

Foosball Table Accessories & Lighting

Additional foosball table accessories that both the amateur and professional foosball player may want to give them the extra edge while playing or practicing. These accessories will work on most pro soccer tables including Tornado, Bonzini, Garlando, Legend, and many more. You will also find additional upgrades that will enhance the way people will play on Warrior Professional Foosball Tables.


Pro Hand Rosin will help remove extra moisture and make for a steadier grip on handles or wraps. Silicone will help keep your rods moving fast and smoothly. In addition, Foostrain foosball training kit has shown to help all player create more powerful shots. And don’t forget to protect your foosball table with one of our new foosball table covers. This will help to protect your foosball table from unwanted debris and accidental spills.

Pro Rosin
Pro Rosin
Price: $9.95 ea.
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Price: $6.95 ea.
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Foostrain System

Stretch Goal System
Price: $39.95
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Foosball Table Cover

Foosball Table Covers
Price: $34.95
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Table Light & Weight Upgrades

Light fixture accessories for your Warrior Foosball Table will help provide optimum light disbursement of light on the playfield. If you want you can order the brackets separately and add them to any table simply drill holes and add t-nuts. The Warrior Foosball Table Stability Kit add the weight and ball return qualities of tables costing 3 times the price and more. Warrior’s newest upgrade kit brings the added stability of nearly 60 pounds of weight to your table. This new upgrade also improves the ball return making for easier practice. At Warrior, we not only welcome our customer’s suggestions and criticisms, but we also act. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE TABLE APART, SIMPLY SNAP IT IN FROM THE BOTTOM. Warrior Tables have already become a sensation with unbelievable ball handling and no limit shot potential. In a few minutes, our snap-in bottom design allows for easy installation without any tools.


Warrior Table Light Fixture
Price: $69.95
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Light Bracket

Table Light Mounting Brackets
Price: $29.95
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Table Light Kit

Warrior Table Light Kit
Price: $99.00
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