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Amazon Foosball Table Review

Foosball Tables: Understanding The Fundamentals Of Foosball

Eliminate Confusion On Your Foosball Table By Understanding These Essential Rules

If you’ve recently been bitten by the “foosball bug,” then you’re probably itching to get better — perhaps even desperately so. Of course, we wouldn’t blame you for your itching desire to become a world-renowned foosball champion. Table soccer is an incredibly fun and addicting game enjoyed both recreationally and competitively by folks around the world, so you’re not alone when it comes to wanting to up your game.

Understanding And Appreciating The Basics Of Foosball

Now, it’s really difficult to delve into any advanced foosball techniques without understanding the basics of the game. And when we mean “basics,” we’re really referring to the fundamentals of foosball that extend well beyond simply controlling the rods and shooting the ball into your opponent’s goal. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, there is a lot more to foosball than simply spinning the rods and hoping that you’ll either score a goal or prevent a goal from occurring.

The Importance Of Playing With A Proper Foosball Table

While practicing and working on your foosball fundamentals and muscle memory is essential to becoming a great player, it’s also important to note that playing on the right foosball table definitely matters. Even if you’re not a pro (yet), playing on a table with smooth, even surfaces designed for optimal ball control can really make a big difference in helping you solidify these fundamental skills.

Warrior Table Soccer is proud to offer the best-quality foosball table at a price that beats other competitors’ foosball tables. To put your Warrior table to good use, check out these simple but essential foosball basics below.

A Brief Overview Of Foosball Fundamentals

Using The Rods

Naturally, you’ll be exclusively touching the rods during gameplay, so it makes sense to practice with them and get familiar with controlling the foosball men attached to each rod. It’s important to note that you don’t really move each rod handle with your arm, but rather, with your wrists. Foosball relies on a great deal of wrist control to execute power shots and maintain a very careful level of ball control.

The Palm Roll

Despite what many players believe, the “palm roll” is not an advanced technique, and is worth incorporating into your foosball fundamentals. The value in the palm roll lies in being able to execute powerful and quick shots at a moment’s notice — something that’s sure to give your game a competitive edge.

To do the palm roll, simply place the palm of your open hand against the rod. Without closing your fingers onto your palm and wrapping your entire hand around the rod handle, move your wrist downward in a rapid motion to rotate the rod. That’s it! Though it may feel strange at first, give it several tries or watch some helpful videos on our Youtube channel to learn more.

How Do I Know When To Use Each Rod?

That’s a great question! Moving down the table and using each rod depends on where the ball is in a given play. Generally speaking, there are three main sections of the rods that you’ll be using: the goalie/defense rods, the midfield rod, and the attack rod.

Best Foosball Table

The Goalie And Defense Rods

The goalie rod is your main defense against your opponent scoring a goal on you. Though you can use the goalie rod to shoot the ball up the playing field, it is usually only used to block shots. The goalie rod passes the foosball to the men on the defense rod, who then shoot the ball up the table in hopes of making it to the midfield players.

The Midfield Rod

Also known as the “five bar,” the midfield rod serves as your transition between defense and offense. Though you’re free to shoot at your opponent’s goal from the midfield, it is generally recommended that you pass/handle the ball up to your attacker rod, as this rod is designed for shooting at your opponent’s goalie.

The Attacker Rod

You should be excited once the ball has reached your attacker, because now it’s time to shoot and (hopefully) score! At the competitive level, goals will almost exclusive occur if they’re shot by the players on the attacker rod. In other words, shooting from the midfield won’t pan out very well for you.

Passing the ball back and forth between your attacker men before twisting your wrist or flicking your palm for a power shot is a good idea.

Ball Control

To be a good foosball player, excellent ball control is necessary. Successful defense and goal shots occur when the ball is maneuvered away from your opponent’s players, and while this is easier said than done as a novice player, just give it some practice. You’ll find many great video tutorials online that cover how to improve your ball control.

Do Not Spin The Rods

Please, out of respect for the game, your opponents, your teammate, and your own dignity, do not repeatedly spin the rods for any reason whatsoever. In fact, never spin the rods in any capacity. Not only is this tacky, but it’s considered cheating in the professional circuit. At the very least, it’s looked down upon by most players — even casual bar-going players!

Get Better On The Best Foosball Table On The Market

For a professional-quality foosball table at an amateur price, choose a Warrior foosball table. Learn more about our selection of foosball tables for sale today, or contact us with any questions.

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