Wondering what it takes to elevate your foosball experience to the next level? Ultimately, time and practice are what turns an average foosball player into a truly stellar player, and maybe even a professional someday. Working on your hand-eye coordination skills is also a very useful and practical way to get better at foosball, and watching videos of the pros playing certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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Sometimes, however, it takes a piece of swag or a non-essential foosball accessory to help improve your game. At the very least, these foosball extras will help enhance your overall experience, at least compared to playing on our standard foosball table for sale with no extra add-ons.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be highlighting seven different items on sale at our online foosball store that are definitely worth your consideration, especially if you’re really into the game of table soccer. If you have any questions about our foosball tables for sale or foosball accessories, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Warrior Table Soccer. We’re happy to help.

Let’s jump in!

Foosball Accessories That Are Worth Your Money

Pro Hand Rosin

For those just getting into the sport, pro hand rosin is a great way to remove any extra moisture on handles or grips. This allows you to maneuver the handles with confidence knowing that your hands aren’t going to suddenly slip off or lose grip. Better yet, you won’t have to wear gloves while playing, though some professional players still wear specialized gloves during tournament play.

Foosball Table Covers

Tired of dust getting all over your foosball table and foosball men? Accumulated dust can have small but noticeable impacts on gameplay, similar to dust build-up on a ping pong table. A Warrior foosball table cover is also great because it will shield the “playing field” from other types of unwanted debris as well as spilled drinks — a must if you’re having a party and don’t want your guests to spill anything on your prized Warrior foosball table!

A Table Light Kit

Playing in your basement or another not-so-well-lit area? Properly illuminate your foosball table with the help of the Warrior Table Light Kit. Visibility over every single inch of the playing field helps improve your foosball tracking and hand-eye coordination skills, so it’s worth investing in a product that provides optimum light disbursement.

We even sell foosball table light fixtures and mount brackets that fit competitor’s tables so that you can better enjoy your foosball gameplay experience, regardless of what table you have.

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Foosball Handle Wraps

If you don’t want to mess around with any pro hand rosin, handle wraps are quite the worthwhile investment. At just over a dollar a pop, you can significantly enhance the quality of play by having more control over your shots. As any experienced foosball player knows, optimal control with the handles is what turns an amateur player into a professional (eventually, that is).

Foosball Stretch Goal System

Our “Foostrain,” or foosball training system, is designed to help aspiring players make more powerful, controlled shots. The stretch goal system requires the ball to be fired at a certain speed in order to make it in, forcing the player to improve on those crucial power shots. This is an invaluable training tool designed for non-gameplay use.

Pro Game Balls And Tournament Quality Foosballs

Though this is less of an accessory and more of an essential item (after all, what’s the game of foosball without…a foosball?), our tournament quality and pro series foosballs are designed to vastly outperform “conventional” foosballs. These balls are made with a special urethane compound that rolls much faster than other foosballs, but it still has a lot of grip and tack that’s required for professional play.

Due to the centerless grinding process that we use for our pro game series foosballs and tournament quality foosballs, the consistency of our foosballs is 100 percent guaranteed.

Warrior Swag!

If you aren’t a true professional but you’d like to look like a true professional, you really can’t go wrong by wearing swag from the most renowned name in table soccer. After all, who doesn’t like feeling comfortable and looking amazing in the process?

Warrior Table Soccer is proud to sell our signature professional polos with lightweight, sweat-resistant polyester material, as well as a number of branded and non-branded hats, tracksuit jackets, tracksuit pants, drawstring bags, sports towels, and t-shirts. If you’re serious about using Warrior products, we’d love for you to rep your pride with some of our swag!

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