Myths About Our Foosball Tables

As popular as foosball is (it’s played all around the world!), it’s not always completely understood. Now, most things in life tend to be misunderstood in one respect or another, but it’s our business to set the record straight about table soccer.

Our Foosball Table Company Is Out To Improve The Game For All Players

Here at Warrior Table Soccer, we tend to field the same questions and concerns about our professional foosball table for sale. When you search “foosball myths” or “myths about foosball” on the internet, you won’t find much out there. So, we figured that we might as well touch on the matter!

In a constant pursuit to improve and optimize the game of table soccer, let’s take a look at a few commonly misunderstood aspects of our very own foosball tables.

Myth: The Rods Aren’t Dangerous

You can’t control the players without rods attached to them, so you’ll find rods in every foosball table design out there. Anyone who’s been poked, prodded, or flat-out stabbed by the end of a rod knows that they can certainly cause harm.

What separates Warrior Table Soccer from the competition is the fact that we have rod guards specifically designed to prevent injuries from rods. Our Rod Protection System (RPS) comes standard on our professional foosball table.

Myth: You Need A Euro-Spec Table For Optimal Quality

While there’s no doubt that table soccer is immensely popular in Europe, and the sport even originated overseas before making its way to the states, it’s not like you have to go to Europe to get a legitimate table soccer table.

Warrior Table Soccer has made it incredibly easy to get the best of the best shipping straight to your door.

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Myth: Foosball Tables Can’t Be Customized

When it comes to working with a foosball table company like us, nothing could be further from the truth. Warrior tables are entirely customizable. Whether you’d like a custom branded table for your company’s break room, a black light table for your bar, or an LED table just to have fun in your basement at home, our professional foosball table is just the start.

Oh, and did we mention that we offer a foosball beer pong table as well?

Myth: All Foosball Tables Take Multiple Hours To Assemble

Actually, we typically estimate that most Warrior tables take roughly a half hour to fully assemble. Get the details by visiting here.

Myth: ITSF And USTSF Recognition Doesn’t Matter

For those not in the know, the ITSF stands for the International Table Soccer Federation, and the USTSF is the United States Table Soccer Federation. Receiving official recognition from both of these organizations is a high honor in the competitive foosball arena. Besides, who’s going to be more authoritative in the world of table soccer than these organizations? “Table soccer” is in each of their names, after all!

Experience The Warrior Foosball Table Difference!

It’s about time that you stopped dealing with a sub-par table. Get the best of the best for your home or business by going with our professional foosball table for sale today!