The Best Ways To Pass The Time At Work

The clock is ticking, but you just swear that, at one point, time itself stopped. 2 p.m. at work can be quite like that, and as anyone who’s ever worked an office job, graveyard shift, or just ran out of things to do knows all too well, you must don your creative thinking cap to help pass the time and preserve your sanity. Let’s be honest; we’ve all been there at one point or another. So, here is an idea play a game Foosball on a Warrior Foosball Table. 

The World’s Best Foosball Table For Sale Can Help You Get Through Work

Of course, actually working is probably the best way to spend those precious office hours, let alone avoid any justified suspicion from your boss. But in any case, when you’re all caught up on work but you still have a while to go before everyone closes up shop, Warrior Table Soccer has you covered (so long as your workplace permits the usage of a foosball table in your break room, that is).

So, whether you’re slammed with work or you’re desperately trying to avoid anything to do with productivity, we all deserve a break once and awhile. Read below for a few great ideas to help enjoy your time at the office this year, and don’t forget to shop the best foosball table on the market if you don’t already have one!

Go On A Brief Walk

There’s nothing wrong with getting your blood flowing mid-work, as doing so can actually stimulate your brain and get you thinking clearly again. If your boss asks, tell her that it’s for the purposes of “brain refreshment.” We’re sure that she’ll understand; trust us.

Make A Healthy Snack In The Breakroom

Didn’t bring any food with you to work? Hopefully you have access to a “free for all” communal snack area. If so, take advantage of this precious resource and spend some time pretending that you’re the Gordon Ramsey of the office. Hey, you can’t work without the proper fuel in your stomach, right?

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Journal Your Heart Out In Microsoft Word Or Google Docs

When you’re consistently typing at work, no one will question what you’re doing or even bother you in the first place. Combine your creative typing escapade with headphones and what you have right there is a potent combination of “I’m busy” and “seriously, please do not bother me.” Surely, you can ride this out until five o’clock.

Rewrite Your Resume

Who knows, maybe you’ll need a revamped resume after all of this clowning around.

Watch The Office (U.S.) For More Inspiration

Jim Halpert is practically the master of passing time at the office when the going gets…boring.

Take A Break By Playing On A Warrior Foosball Table

If your employer is kind enough to provide a break room with one of our signature foosball tables, then you’re in for a good time (just don’t blame us if you start to become addicted to table soccer!). If not, then by all means, please direct your boss over to our online foosball store where you’ll find the best foosball balls and custom foosball tables on the market. We’ll see you soon!