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Foosball, also known as table soccer, is a game with a rich history that we’ve come to know and love. It’s both a casual way to pass the time and a professional passion that stimulates our competitive side. The way to play “soccer” without so much as going outside or putting one foot in front of the other like you’re running. It’s a social way to take a break with coworkers and let off some steam, and it’s even a great way to exercise one’s hand-eye coordination.

Our point? Foosball means many things to us, and we take the quality of our professional foosball table for sale very seriously.

Why Foosball?

If the reasons we just listed above don’t clearly illustrate why we love table soccer, allow us to elaborate a little bit more. As industry leaders in professional foosball tables for recreational prices, the team at Warrior Table Soccer carries decades of experience facing rivals, challenging old friends, and having fun improving our dexterity and reaction times by doing what we love.

People may have their personal or sentimental reasons for playing this game — or pursuing a professional sports career surrounding it — but ultimately, the underlying reason why we manufacture and sell foosball tables is simply that we enjoy it.

An Established History With Plenty of Room to Grow

Unlike other professional sports in the United States, the history of foosball can only be traced back to 1960s. Before foosball in America, there was table soccer in Europe, and the word “foosball” didn’t protrude into the American vernacular some 10 years later in the 1970s. The game gained rapid popularity, but as you can imagine, it wasn’t taken nearly as seriously as, say, professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, and so forth.

Of course, we’re not ashamed to admit that this is still the case. However, while foosball may not enjoy the international professional sports spotlight as much as it should, we’re still passionate about the professional foosball community and enriching the experience for the players by creating what we consider to be the best foosball table for the price. It is our mission at Warrior Table Soccer to not only deliver the best table at the best price, but also to host and support sizeable foosball tournaments, ensure large purses, and provide backup parts and hardware for a consistent playing experience.

When it comes to the American foosball community and even table soccer around the world, there’s a lot of room to grow but we’re more than up to the challenge!

Sure, Foosball Is Great. But Why Warrior Foosball Tables?

When you hop online and type in “foosball table for sale,” you’re going to see many results from different manufacturers ranging from top-of-the-line to inexpensive, flimsy tables from department stores. If you’ve spent just about any amount of time shopping, you know very well that “what you get is what you pay for.”

Generally, that’s true, except when it comes to our professional foosball table for sale. Why’s that? That’s because we sell our ITSF and USTSF-approved, tournament-compliant table at $200 under the MSRP. Because Warrior Table Soccer is such an integral part of the recreational and competitive foosball community in the United States and around the world, our “goal” is to bring players the best table possible for the money — no except and no questions asked.

Best Foosball Table

What Else Makes Warrior Foosball Tables So Special?

As you can imagine, we’re glad you asked!

Our Foosball Table For Sale Is Fast and Easy to Assemble

Do you have 25 minutes of time? These days, that might seem like a lot to ask for, but in reality, that’s a great deal when it comes to assembling a professional-quality foosball table. For instance, the foosball “men” come pre-assembled on the rods so you don’t have to individually place each man onto the rod. If you’ve spent valuable time doing that before, you know how frustrating and painstaking that can be.

We’re not asking you to fumble through your standard booklet of IKEA instructions to put our tables together. We’ve made assembly easy and foolproof so you can get playing as soon as possible.

Outstanding, Industry-Leading Levels of Control

Your casual, only-plays-during-work-breaks type of player may not notice the Warrior difference, but we absolutely guarantee that a seasoned foosball veteran will. Counter-balanced men are a standard feature of this table, and split-bearing technology means that players can make faster, more controlled, and ultimately, more powerful shots. You’ll have the ability to dribble the ball between the men on your five bar unlike you’ve never experienced before!

Your Foosball Table Isn’t Going Anywhere

All too often, when you get into a bit of a spirited game on a cheap table, the bottoms begin to give out or slide, sometimes leading to a missed goal and a salty foosball player. This does not occur with our professional foosball table.

Warrior Table Soccer uses adjustable levels with durable, rubberized feet that ground your table and effectively prevent it from sliding around. Playing on an uneven surface? We’ve thought that through as well because we utilize a new swivel design that makes leveling easy. The table surface will always remain flat and you’ll never have to worry about any unfair rolling between one side of the table to the other.

Rod Guards Prevent Unwanted Injuries From Occurring

Based on the protruding rods of nearly any foosball table ever made, countless players and innocent bystanders have withstood a number of otherwise preventable injuries over the years. Actual soccer, with sharp cleats and running players, is one thing. However, something like table soccer shouldn’t be associated with any injuries. We’ve addressed this safety issue with rod guards that dull and soften the edges and ends of our foosball rods.

We’ll Bring It Straight to You

Well, our team won’t necessarily personally drive our foosball table for sale out to you, but we do offer doorstep delivery to your home or office. Foosball tables aren’t exactly small, so why awkwardly fumble with the box when trying to fit it in your vehicle? Simply take the box inside and in less than an hour, you’ll be playing.

We Have You Covered For a Year at Minimum

Should anything go wrong with your table and the extra two foosballs, red player, a black player, silicone lubricant and pin punch don’t remedy the issue, our limited one year warranty has you and your foosball table covered.

The Only ITSF and USTSF-Recognized Foosball Table

The International Table Soccer Federation and United States Table Soccer Federation both recognize our professional Warrior foosball table for sale as the only table that meets their stringent specifications for competitive and professional play.

There’s Only One Choice. Choose Warrior Table Soccer!

Years of extensive research and development has led to the only serious choice for professional foosball players or those who want a top-quality foosball table for life. Great for youth programs, rec centers, workplace break rooms or even a “mancave” at home, there’s simply no other foosball table that compares.

Read more about our professional foosball tables for sale, see our tables in action, or contact us directly with any questions. We’ll see you out on the table!