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From avid foosball players to accomplished professionals and total novices, the feeling of scoring a goal is just about the same across the board: it feels very satisfying. And why wouldn’t it? After an intense few minutes of following the foosball with your eyes and coordinating your hand movements to expertly maneuver the foosball men, you finally sink a shot past your opponent’s goalie. That’s no easy feat, and certainly something worth celebrating.

Similar to the sheer thrill of bowling a strike, landing a goal while playing on a Warrior foosball table just feels good. But what else is comparably satisfying to the feeling of an earned goal? Warrior Table Soccer, your go-to source for foosball tables, touches on this fun-to-read subject below.

scoring picThings As Good As Scoring A Goal On Our Foosball Tables

Throwing Something Into A Trash Can (And Making It In)

If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably exclaimed “KOBE!” and threw your wad of trash across the room, basketball-style. If not, we strongly suggest you do so because making it in the trash can is temporarily feeling of sweet, sweet satisfaction.

Slipping Into Freshly Washed Sheets After A Long Day

Hopping into bed after an exhausting day is almost always satisfying, and so is getting into bed when you’ve just changed the sheets. Combining the two, however, makes for the ultimate bedtime experience. We doubt you’d last more than five minutes before falling asleep.

Mowing The Lawn

Okay, so maybe physical labor isn’t at the top of most folk’s “Most Satisfying” list. However, a lot of people do find satisfaction in a job well done, and cutting the grass offers an easy way to feel like you’ve done a good job. Those perfectly mowed lines of grass next to the untrimmed grass are incredibly satisfying; don’t lie to yourself. The smell of freshly cut grass doesn’t hurt either.

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Catching Something Perfectly When It Falls

You know that moment where your heart rate spikes because you’ve accidentally dropped something? As clumsy as people can be, sometimes we react lightning-fast and manage to perfectly catch an object without causing any damage to it. Indeed, sometimes life works out pretty well.

Making Perfect Connection With A Baseball

There are many sports-related feelings to find fulfillment in, but there’s just something special about swinging a bat and making a near-perfect connection with a baseball right on the sweet spot of the bat. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get a base hit, but that half second of contact is pretty awesome.

Getting Good Scores On An Exam That You Studied Hard For

Going into a test unprepared means that you’ll probably do poorly, but you would expect that. And while thoroughly studying for an exam and receiving a failing grade is no doubt soul-crushing, the opposite situation is really, really fulfilling. There’s nothing quite like studying hard for an exam and receiving an “A” for all of your hard work.

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